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Language and Gender

April 7, 2013

Name: Fatimah
NIM: 2201410061

Language and Gender Definitions


  • Language is an inherently social phenomenon and can provide insight into how men and women approach their social worlds. Men use language more for the instrumental purpose of conveying information; women are more likely to use verbal interaction for social purposes with verbal communication serving as an end in itself. (Newman, et al; 2008; 212)

(Newman, Matthew L. Carla J. Groom. Lori D. Handelman, el al. 2008. Gender Differences in Language Use: An Analysis of 14,000 Text Samples. Arizona: Routledge)


  • Language and gender is a particularly vibrant area of research and theory development within the larger study of language and society, and the contributions in this volume focus especially on more recent trends and developments.(Holmes and Meyerhoff, 2003, 1)

(Holmes,Janet and Miriam Meyerhoff. 2003. The Handbook of Language and Gender.Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd )


  • Gender is a complex set of identity resources that people can foreground, background, or negotiate across contexts, the boundary between the local and the global is shifting and contestable, and an attention to language can provide fascinating resources for the negotiation of this boundary.(Besneir, 2007, 72)

(Besneir, Niko. 2007. Language and Gender Research at the Intersection of the Global and the Local. Sheffield: Equinox Publishing)

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